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Deactivated account

We continuously screen all new and active accounts to guarantee a reliable and safe community.
If your account has been flagged as a high-risk account and is now deactivated, you can find some more information below:

What’s a high-risk account?
Your account is flagged as being high-risk when one or more of the following events have occurred:

• One or more cases of damage

• Overdue payments

• One or more (speeding) tickets

• Speeding ticket for >25 km/h too fast

• Multiple night trips

• A specific payment risk in your name

• Multiple MyWheels accounts

• Complaints after a trip (for example, a dirty car or a smell of smoke)

• Reports of reckless driving

• Car has been left in the wrong zone (>2 km)

• Returning the car late several times

• Account fraud

• Fuel card fraud

Due to the new privacy laws, we can’t give you information regarding the reason for deactivation over the phone. The deactivation of your account is final and will not be overturned.


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It's our belief that we can keep the Netherlands on the move with just one million cars. We can do our bit by promoting the use of shared cars. Because the more cars we share, the fewer cars we need to own. If there’s always a shared car just around the corner, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. MyWheels. Only benefits.