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How do I prevent extra costs?

Extra costs are payable in cases of misuse, misconduct, or damage. We will charge any traffic and parking fines directly to you. Nobody wants extra costs, so please avoid the following:

ReasonExtra costs
Administration costs€ 12,50
Leaving car without fuel€ 30
Not (correctly) connecting electric car to charging point€ 30
Returning car late€ 100
Losing fuel pass or charge card€75
Leaving the car with open windows after your journey**€ 50
Leaving car unlocked at the end of your journey€ 50
Leaving car in the wrong space€ 200
Leaving car dirty€ 85
Carrying a pet€ 85
Smoking in a car€ 125
Causing the start-battery to go flat*€ 125
Fuel card fraud (+ police report)€ 250
Losing charging cable€ 400
Losing car key€ 500
Parking illegally (waardoor gesleept)€ 500
Allowing a person to drive who has not been added as an extra driver**€ 1.000
* All additional costs for collecting the car and for the time that the car cannot be used will be charged as well.
** In case of damage, the costs will be fully charged.

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