Who pays for the fuel?

The rate per kilometre includes fuel. Each car has its own fuel card or charging key for paying for fuel. They can be found in the glove compartment, and the PIN code is in the MyWheels app (with your booking). No PIN code is needed for the charging key.

  • Return the car with the tank at least one-quarter full.

  • Connect electric cars to a charging point on return if they are below 80% charged. Always connect an electric car to a charging point if you park it in a space with a charging point.

If an employee accidentally pays for fuel or to charge an electric car, they can reclaim the cost from their employer on production of a receipt and the car registration number. The MyWheels manager in the organisation can then apply to MyWheels to reimburse the costs. Please send an email to [email protected], attaching a legible copy of the receipt for fuel or charging, showing the time and date, and the registration number of the car in question. These costs will be credited to you and deducted from your following invoice.


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