Charging electric cars
When should I charge up my car (during and after my trip)? 

You decide yourself where and when to charge up the car during your trip. Make sure you do so on time and be aware that charging up takes time. You can find the charging points where you can use your charging key at

When returning the car, note the following:

  • Is the battery at less than 80% capacity? If so, always connect the car to a charging point in the zone.

  • Is the battery at more than 80% capacity? If so, park the car in a space in the zone without a charging point.

  • Have you parked next to a charging point? In that case, you are obliged to connect the car to the charging point. Any car not connected will be towed away and the costs will be charged to you.
    The available charging points in your car’s parking zone can be found in the MyWheels app or on the mobile website. They are also shown at, apply public charging points as a filter.


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