What is the insurance cover for breakdowns?

If your car is damaged or breaks down on a trip, do not worry. All our shared cars have fully comprehensive cover, and roadside assistance is provided in every European country. This includes passenger insurance for all the car’s occupants. Employees are only insured for the duration of a booking. If an employee returns late without having extended the booking, they will not be insured for the extra time.

Has the car broken down part way through your trip? Then phone us on +31 (0)85 7734222. If we are unable to help you by phone, we will send roadside assistance to help you. Do not attempt to drive the car if any of the warning lights come on red when starting the car, as this may cause additional damage.

An insurance excess of €500 excluding VAT applies per incident. This excess does not apply if a third party can be held liable. The insurance excess will be charged to the employer and passed to the employee, depending on the agreements made within the company.


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