Sharing business cars for self-employed people and freelancers.
Rent a car without a
fixed monthly fee.
  • Rental cars always available within walking distance
  • All costs and bookings shown on one VAT invoice
  • Everything taken care of, from maintenance to insurance
As low as €2.02 per hour, with a daily max of €20.25.

The corporate benefits

Economical and sustainable.

Sharing a car is cheaper and better for the environment than owning or leasing a car.

Try it out, no strings attached.

No fixed costs. Only pay for what you use. Can be terminated every month.

Always a shared car within walking distance.

Largest offer in the Netherlands with (electric) cars all over the country and near over 80 train stations.

Complete service.

Includes upkeep, refuelling, insurance & cleaning.

VAT invoice with kilometre registration.

One comprehensive invoice in the company name showing all the costs, if you activate after-payment.

One-way or return trips.

Drop the car off at your destination or take it back to your starting location.

Shared car versus own car & lease car

Sharing is cheaper, more flexible, and better for the environment.
Working from home has become the new normal, so we tend not to use our own car or lease car as much. The costs, however, continue. If you share a car, you only pay when you use it, which is very handy if you have a lot of appointments one week but work from home for the next month. What’s more, car sharers produce 25% fewer carbon emissions. So you’re helping the environment while you save money. A win-win situation!
Mid-range car, 12,000 business km per year*Own car**Lease car***
Monthly costs 474,- 566,- 660,-
Annual costs 5.688,- 7380,- 7920,-
MyWheels is on average 16% cheaper than your own car and 28% cheaper than a lease car.
* MyWheels average of 12 four-hour bookings and 80 km return per month.
** Source ANWB based on Renault ZOE
*** Lease car Renault ZOE of €34,000, electric use of 17.2(KwH/100km) and €0.33 per KwH charging costs.

Rates for self-employed people

Only pay for what you use. A subscription gives you discount on all prices.
You can cancel or change your subscription every month.
You can choose between our three categories of cars: small, medium, and special.
The rate per kilometre includes use, upkeep and insurance.
All prices are excl. VAT.
Nice and compact.
Choice between 5 models
€ 2,89p/hour
max. € 28,93 p/day
+ € 0,31 per km
More space & comfort.
Renault ZOE
Choice between 10 models
€ 3,31p/hour
max. € 33,06 p/day
+ € 0,33 per km
Our best.
Hyundai Kona
Choice between 9 models
€ 3,72p/hour
max. € 37,19 p/day
+ € 0,36 per km


Start: Cheapest for occasional use
You can cancel or change your subscription every month.
0% off
€ 8,26 p/month
15% off
Free cancellation
Trips auto-curtailed up to 2 hr
€ 20,66 p/month
30% off
Free cancellation
Trips auto-curtailed up to 2 hr
Want to rent a car for 48 hours or more? We’ll automatically apply a 25% discount. MyWheels Pro member? Then 30% discount is applied! The max daily charge is 10x the hourly rate. All prices are excl. VAT.

How do I rent a car?



Create an account and after approval, add all employees.



Employees can now find and book a car close by.



Open de car with our app to start your trip!

Car-sharing made easy? Start your journey with the MyWheels-app.

Why choose MyWheels?

Other shared business car providers
Flexible in use
One invoice showing all the costs
Includes everything from upkeep through to insurance
No deposit
One-way or return trip
Cheapest provider
Largest range of shared cars in NL
Largest range of electric cars
for business use

View our models

Renault ZOE
5 seats
338L cargo space
300 km range
Peugeot E-208
5 seats
265L cargo space
275 km range
Nissan Leaf
5 seats
435L cargo space
200 km range


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It's our belief that we can keep the Netherlands on the move with just one million cars. We can do our bit by promoting the use of shared cars. Because the more cars we share, the fewer cars we need to own. If there’s always a shared car just around the corner, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. MyWheels. Only benefits.