Car sharing for businesses
Sustainable and economical for SMEs and corporate companies.
  • Rental cars always available within walking distance
  • Complete service, from depreciation to refuelling
  • Largest range of electric shared cars in the Netherlands
First 3 months now free. Only pay for what you use.

The corporate benefits

Get started, no-strings-attached

First 3 months free. Can be terminated every month.

Shared cars always available within walking distance

Largest offer in the Netherlands with (electric) cars all over the country and near over 80 train stations.

Complete service

Everything is taken care of: upkeep, refuelling, depreciation, insurance & cleaning.

VAT invoice with kilometre registration

One comprehensive invoice showing all the costs.

Unrestricted number of employees.

One subscription for an unlimited number of employees.

One-way or return trips

Drop the car off at your destination or take it back to your starting location.

Even more benefits?

MyWheels versus leasing

Car sharing is on average 25% cheaper than leasing.
Working from home is rapidly becoming the new normal, so when it comes to business mobility, flexibility is essential. No more personal, four-year lease contracts with a set number of kilometres and a fixed monthly fee. We want cars to be available when we need them, and we only want to pay for what we use. Car sharers produce 25% fewer carbon emissions, so you can meet your corporate sustainability goals while you save money. A win-win situation!
Mid-range car, 12,000 business km per year*Lease car**
Monthly cost to the employer 499,- 660,-
Annual cost to the employer 5.988,- 7.920,-
MyWheels is on average 25% cheaper than a lease car.
* MyWheels average of 12 four-hour bookings and 80 km return per month.
** Lease car Renault ZOE of €34,000, electric use of 17.2(KwH/100km) and €0.33 per KwH charging costs.

Business rates

Add unlimited users for €25 per month.
Only pay for what you use. After that, €25 per month, excluding VAT, + use.
Choose from three categories of cars: small, mid-range, or special.
The rate per kilometre includes use, upkeep and insurance.
All prices are excl. VAT.
Nice and compact.
Choice between 5 models
€ 2,89p/hour
max. € 28,93 p/day
+ € 0,31 per km
More space & comfort.
Renault ZOE
Choice between 10 models
€ 3,31p/hour
max. € 33,06 p/day
+ € 0,33 per km
Our best.
Hyundai Kona
Choice between 9 models
€ 3,72p/hour
max. € 37,19 p/day
+ € 0,36 per km
Want to rent a car for 48 hours or more? We’ll automatically apply a 25% discount. The max daily charge is 10x the hourly rate. All prices are excl. VAT.

It really is this easy



Create an account and after approval, add all employees.



Employees can now find and book a car close by.



Open de car with our app to start your trip!

Convenience of the MyWheels app for every employee.

Why choose MyWheels?

Other shared business car providers
Flexible in use
One invoice showing all the costs
Includes everything from upkeep through to insurance
No deposit
One-way or return trip
Cheapest provider
Largest range of shared cars in NL
Largest range of electric cars
for business use
Register company

Customer experiences.

Logo Bloomon
Sibbe Krol
Head of Sustainability bij Bloomon
We have been actively reducing our carbon footprint for several years. The use of shared cars is one of the measures we are taking to achieve this. We started looking for the best provider and ended up with MyWheels. It is nice to have the flexibility of MyWheels at your disposal. Through their app, we can always find a car nearby and if we really want to be 100 percent sure we have a car, we can reserve it in advance.
Logo JCDecaux
Hannelore Majoor
CEO at JCDecaux
We used to have 8 pool cars at our office at the Zuidas, but they were still relatively stationary at high (parking) costs. In addition, many colleagues work from home and it is much more convenient to be able to grab a car in front of their house so that they don’t have to come to the office first. That's why we chose MyWheels. We now have access to more than 3000, mostly electric, 'pool cars', resulting in satisfied employees, lower costs and in line with our sustainability goals.
Logo Gemeente Ermelo
Rolf Buisman
Project developer at Sobolt
The MyWheels app is easy to use, and the invoicing is clear. Thanks to MyWheels, we don't have to worry about our transport: maintenance, cleaning, recharging, refueling - MyWheels does it all. For us, it's just a matter of booking, getting in and driving off. And most of them are electric cars. For sustainability fanatics like us, that's fantastic, of course.

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View our models

Renault ZOE
5 seats
338L cargo space
300 km range
Peugeot E-208
5 seats
265L cargo space
275 km range
Nissan Leaf
5 seats
435L cargo space
200 km range


461 reviews at Klantenvertellen

It's our belief that we can keep the Netherlands on the move with just one million cars. We can do our bit by promoting the use of shared cars. Because the more cars we share, the fewer cars we need to own. If there’s always a shared car just around the corner, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. MyWheels. Only benefits.