Cookies uses cookies to keep its website and its MyWheels app reliable and secure, to measure their performance and to be able to offer you personalized content and ads. To enable us to do this, we collect information about users and visitors, their (browsing) behavior and their devices.

More information about cookies can be found below. If you want to know more about how we process your personal data, please read our privacy policy.


A cookie is a small file, which can be placed on the device with which you visit our website or app or view a MyWheels advertisement; the cookie stores certain data. But before we place any cookies, we inform you about them in our cookie banner. The cookies we use are Necessary, Statistical and Marketing cookies.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are required for our website and app to (technically) work. For example, they enable you to reserve a car.

Statistical cookies

Statistical cookies are tracking cookies that we use to gain insight into the use of our website and app. Some of these cookies are not directly traceable to you as a person. For example, such a cookie only tells us whether or not you have visited our website before. In addition, statistical cookies help us design our website or app in an effective and efficient manner. With this data we can thus improve the functioning of our website and app in order to serve you better.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are also tracking cookies, which allow us and others to show you more personalized and targeted ads and information. We use a number of types of marketing cookies:

  • Social media cookies. These cookies allow us to show you targeted ads on the social media you use and - vice versa - allow the social media channel to tailor its content to your interest in shared mobility.
  • Advertising cookies. These cookies collect a person's interests based on their browsing habits. These cookies are set by other parties and are therefore also referred to as "Third Party Cookies". This also means that we cannot trace the data stored by these cookies directly back to you as a person. Among other things, these cookies ensure that you will see personalized advertisements on all websites where you have accepted this cookie.
  • Other marketing cookies. Sometimes we use other similar marketing cookies such as affiliate cookies and interest cookies. We usually do this in combination with advertising cookies.

Your cookie preferences

During your first visit to our website you will see a so-called cookie banner, in which we tell you what kind of cookies we have to use and we would like to use. We provide you with the possibility to indicate whether you consent or not consent to certain cookies . We will remember your choice because we store it together with your IP address. The next time you visit our website or app, we will only place the Necessary cookies and cookies of your choice. We will do so, until you change your cookie preferences or delete all your cookies. Except for Necessary cookies, you can refuse all others by setting and saving your preferences. You can always change your choice at a later date, but you can also revoke your consent completely. We will then no longer place or read cookies. If you visit our website or our app again, it is possible that you will see the cookie banner once more or have to log in again. You have to delete cookies that have already been placed on your device by yourself via your internet browser. You do not want any cookies on your devices at all? You can easily accomplish that by changing your browser settings. For help, look in the online manual of the browser you are using. And even more tips can be found at

Cookie list

Cookie list MyWheels. We will update this cookie list from time to time. However, we cannot guarantee that this list is always up to date. This is mainly because the digital world works at lightning speed and because we depend on the information we have to get from other parties, such as Google. You can find more information about the cookies of other parties in their cookie statements.