Sharing is the most enjoyable way of driving!

Our streets are filled with them: cars that spend over 90% of their time parked. Not surprising, given that there are now more than 9 million personal vehicles in the Netherlands. That’s more than one per household on average! MyWheels drivers believe things can be different. Better yet, they’re already showing how by sharing cars and using them only when necessary. Today they’re MyWheels; Tomorrow, they’re yours.

More sharing, less owning

Imagine having a shared car available in every neighbourhood, making its use far more accessible. That’s MyWheels’ mission in action. Thanks to the Key Figures, dedicated local residents who’ve signed up as administrators, these cars are well looked after. Beyond that, it’s a collective effort: everyone who uses the car shares the responsibility to leave it in good condition. Together, we demonstrate that by sharing more, we need to own less.

How it all began

Owning a car? There must be another way, thought Henry Mentink from Grootebroek. He started sharing his car with the neighbours. This smart, sustainable idea quickly caught on. In just ten years, Mentink’s private initiative grew into the Netherlands' largest car-sharing platform: MyWheels!

The benefits of car sharing

With MyWheels you always have access to a shared car within walking distance. You only pay for what you use, without any fixed monthly costs, and you can join for free. The convenience of a car without the need to own one. It’s far more sustainable! Plus, you can choose from more than twenty different models and drive the latest electric cars without the purchase costs. Plenty of reasons to give it a try.