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Damage and breakdown

One of the dashboard lights has come on

Orange lights are warnings, but there is no immediate danger. Take a photo of the light and send it to [email protected], and we will take whatever action is necessary.

Is the tyre pressure light on? Pump up the tyres next time you refuel.

Is the orange spanner symbol light on? This means the car is due for its periodic maintenance. You don't have to take action.

Is there a red light on while the engine is running? Check that it isn’t the handbrake. If it is not, do not drive any further and phone +31 (0)85 773 4222 immediately.


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It's our belief that we can keep the Netherlands on the move with just one million cars. We can do our bit by promoting the use of shared cars. Because the more cars we share, the fewer cars we need to own. If there’s always a shared car just around the corner, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. MyWheels. Only benefits.