Our mission

You only need 1 million cars to keep the Netherlands mobile.

That's what we're going for! We realize this mission by offering more and more shared cars. Because if we share more cars, we can own fewer. And if there is always a shared car around the corner, you can go anywhere, anytime you want. That doesn’t only give a feeling of freedom, it’s good for several reasons. This gives us more space on the street, more space for plants and trees and we contribute to the environment by emitting considerably less CO2.

Our mission

What we do

With MyWheels you always have a shared car within walking distance when you need it. The convenience of a car, without having to own one. Smart right?

You only pay for what you use, there are no fixed costs per month and you can join for free. Do you prefer a small city car or a comfortable electric SUV? With MyWheels you have access to more than 20 different models.

We do it together

MyWheels believes in the power of communities. With more than 800 MyWheels key figures we are always close by! They are our ambassadors in your area. From Bunnik to Ede and from Amsterdam to Vught. Together with them, we work daily on our mission to make your neighborhood more spacious and green.

How it started

Driving a car? There must be another way, thought Henry Mentink from Grootebroek. He started sharing his car with neighbors. This smart and sustainable idea was immediately picked-up. And in ten years, Mentink's private initiative grew into the largest car-sharing platform in the Netherlands: MyWheels! In 2022 we will connect more than 200,000 users with our shared cars.


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It's our belief that we can keep the Netherlands on the move with just one million cars. We can do our bit by promoting the use of shared cars. Because the more cars we share, the fewer cars we need to own. If there’s always a shared car just around the corner, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. MyWheels. Only benefits.