Vrouw naast auto met water op achtergrond

MyWheels: the best car for now and then

I cycle, I go by train, I drive a MyWheels

  • Choose an electric car near you
  • Only pay for what you drive
  • You are not committed to anything.

Try for free

You've probably seen them before, those MyWheels cars in the city. Super handy for the days when you do need a car. Download the app and create an account in a few simple steps. With the discount code 10stapnuin you now get a €10 discount on your first ride. So feel free to step in and take a tour.

Available all over the Netherlands

MyWheels' cars are increasingly available across the Netherlands. With the app, you can easily reserve one without needing a subscription!

Plus 116 other locations

A rental car whenever you need one

  • Charging or fueling included
  • Only pay for what you drive
  • Unlock effortlessly with your smartphone
  • Greener alternative to owning a(nother) car