SummerTrips: temporarily €50 extra discount on your summer vacation

Book your summer vacation at extra affordable rates at MyWheels

You probably know MyWheels Trips by now. The kilometer bundles with which you get extra discounts on long trips with a MyWheels car. But have you considered using these for your summer vacation? This is super comfortable, economical and easy. And if you book in time, you even get a €50 vacation discount to get your ride off to great start. A real no-brainer!

How do I claim this vacation discount?

  • Plan your SummerTrip : This promotion applies to all rides booked before June 17, with a departure date between July 1 and August 31, 2024.
  • Choose Trips 1000, 2000 of 3000: Where is the trip going this year? Choose the best matching Trips bundle and select it in the app. To use the vacation discount, Trips 1000 or higher must be purchased.
  • Grab that discount: Use discount code 9y7z2p when making your reservation in the app to redeem the SummerTrips discount.

Longer journeys, bigger savings

  • Affordable kilometer packages
  • A suitable package for any ride
  • Discounts up to 30%
  • Now: 50€ extra discount on SummerTrips

Terms and conditions of this promotion

  • This promotion applies to rides for which the reservation is placed before June 17, 2024, with a start date between July 1, 2024 and August 31, 2024.
  • The discount must be redeemed by using the discount code provided for this purpose.
  • In case of abuse of this promotion, MyWheels reserves the right to cancel the ride and/or suspend the account at all times.
  • When choosing Trips, the discount rate applies to the number of kilometers in the bundle.
  • Trips kilometers can be used for one MyWheels ride. Do you drive fewer kilometers than the purchased Trips? Then these kilometers will be forfeited.
  • Do you drive more kilometers than the purchased Trips? Then the standard rate applies to these extra kilometers.
  • When you purchase MyWheels Trips, the starting rate of the ride won't apply.